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KD Rhine Pass

Spend a whole day exploring the Rhine and Moselle Rivers on any of KD's 14 cruise ships.

Select day or evening cruises from KD's comprehensive timetable - no need to book, just step aboard to begin your Rhine adventure.

Then relax. Enjoy the castles, vineyards, the Lorelei and all that the Rhine Valley has to offer. In KD comfort and style

Prices are in Australian Dollars and are subject to currency fluctuation.

KD Rhine

Cruise down the Rhine


KD - the largest, modern fleet on the Rhine 

The Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt AG has been continuously listed on the stock exchange for longer than any other joint stock company in Germany. No other shipping company anywhere in the world has built and operated more ships than KD. It all began on 11th June 1826 in Cologne with the founding of the Preußisch-Rheinischen Steamship Company. The maiden voyage took place in 1827 with the wooden steamship Concordia. With this ship KD hailed in the age of Rhine shipping.

Today the Köln-Düsseldorfer is still market leader on the Rhine and at the same time leader in the development of new types of vessel. In 2004 MS RheinEnergie entered service – a revolutionary new ship’s concept in the form of a catamaran. On 18th August 2005 Pope Benedict XVI sailed on this ship into Cologne during his visit for World Youth Day and blessed the pilgrims lining the river banks.

This year we have a special reason to celebrate, because it is exactly 180 years since KD began taking passengers to the most beautiful parts of the Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers. Enjoying your leisure time does not have to cost a lot.

KD is the only shipping company which offers regular services each day on the whole of the stretch of the Rhine which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Relax and enjoy this fascinating cultural landscape with more than 20 castles and of course numerous romantic wine villages. Whether you’d like a Lorelei Tour, a Castle Tour, a nostalgia tour with the steamer GOETHE or a trip to the Siebengebirge Mountains – our comprehensive and well coordinated timetable offers countless possibilities for your day out.

Anyone looking for a romantic and nostalgic experience of the special kind should cruise the Middle Rhine in proper style on board the paddle steamer GOETHE on our picturesque KD Nostalgia Route.
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